An Old Woman Has Entered The Exhibition Room
Cologne, 2018
VR work station

When the viewer puts on the VR glasses, the camera in the virtual reality goes straight forward automatically and leads the viewer to enter rooms endlessly. In different rooms, people can hear sounds, whisper and see an old woman, whether with movement or lying down on the ground still.

The VR space is based on an exhibition room, Kunst weft 5, Cologne. The artist simulated the structure in size 1 : 1. On page 33 are pictures from the room. The VR station was during the exhibition placed in the middle of the room. Surrounded by all of the other art works exhibited around, the VR work provides the viewer a totally different imagination and feeling for the exhibition space when the moment that someone suddenly lands on a relative empty, quiet and darker room.

At the end of each exhibition room is always a light, white screen, with the camera brings the viewer flying toward into it. The screens present as the intermediary between the virtual, re-virtual spaces and as reflection of the VR medium and the reality.

VR projects are easily been regarded as pure entertainment, especially when the viewer expects to play something, feeling excited about the project but also a bit unsettled and impatient. This project is set up so that the viewer can not move, but only sit down and turn the head around to see the environment. The artist created the cinematic atmosphere, lighting, together with the slow-paced movement of the camera to peace down the viewer, so as to really see through the work.

The work is in cooperation with Jiha Jeon.