Tourist Group Pt.1
Munich, 2018-2019
Mix media installation

The art work consists of a carton box, wine cubes, a small size of sand landscape and 5 videos. From outside, people can peek through the holes into the carton. There are 5 small round windows inside the box, playing endless loop animation / videos, together with the voice of a non-human realistic cruise advertisement and music. In front of the video screens is a small dimension of beach landscape and tiny figures. The mass of tiny people are upside down inserted in the sand or lied down with their face turn toward to the ground.

The form of the box reminds the audience of the cabins in ships. The scenario is regarded as a mini theater, with different narration described by videos. All the content is related to themes about tourists, travel and ships.
The character of a ship is special. Ships have their life span and some of them are sometimes offloaded and rerouted their customers. Ship museums, short-route ships, restaurant ships. They have to be fully used until the end of life. At the same time, there is seldom other space can have a chance to be like a giant, moving, consuming paradise that carries thousands of people.

The artist tries to transfer the experience of watching different luxurious cruise advertisements and the experience of being a tourist into an installation. The material of the installation is aimed to be cheap or easy to be replaced. Styrofoam, cardboard, small plastic figures, trees, grass....The feature of the substitution is the reflection of the commercial, highly productive, consumed industry.

While the artist's intention of criticizing is shown or implied, it is also inevitably failed to be as a gallery show that placed against the big shop-liked window.

Below shows a simulated struction of the carton box. Five screens were installed insde the box so the visitor outside the windows can peek the videos from the holes.