The Rustle Somewhere Else
Cologne, 2020
Film, HD-Video 07:31 Min.

This is a short film project that deals with the gap between life, death and dream. Two girls as main figure sitting in an abstract, black background space. The both of them dress casual. One of them is putting make up on the face of another person and having an ordinar y conversation at the same time.

A section from the script:

„ I shuttle between trees and branches, running through the shadow and wind. And suddenly a wir y tiger bumps into me. I stopped a small moment and decide to follow it. The tiger runs in the forest and jumps on stones to across the river. Agilely and lightly. So I tr y harder to stay behind. The tiger stops. It ʼs a lake. Then it goes a bit backwards and jumps into the lake. I jump too. The water is fresh. I turn my head around under the water, searching where the tiger is and then find out that I am in a gloominess. The leaves rustling somewhere else. So I wait, let the body get used to the environment, until time seems to be endless. There is always an indescribable, gentle smell. Sometimes I see something , as if it ʼs the blinking eyes from the tiger, but then it disappears. I wait and wait. I wait silently.“