Düsseldorf, 2018
VR work station, duration variable

With the VR glasses, the visitors can freely walk around in the real space while viewing the artistic work. In the virtual space, the viewer is in the surreal place of the figure Pan and different videos and sound recordings are triggered depending on where the viewer is.

The locations are a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room, a garden and other rooms. It is programmed in principle that the respective doors and gates to the next room do not appear until the entire sound recording in that room has been listened to. During their journey, the viewers experience a simultaneous linear narration through listening to auditory material that resembles a trace of the stranger, Pan, who seems to have previously lived in a virtual space. The text is formulated from the point of view of a third person who speaks about Panʻs personal experiences as an outsider in a foreign land and her thoughts about identity and intimacy.

Text in the garden

If you haven't decided yet, pan, just try going through the garden.You should be like the majority of Asian tourists, being fond of those magnificent, European palaces together with maze-like gardens, as same as the European Emperors' passion of eastern porcelain and wall carpet.So, when someone is in a foreign country , walking beside the luxuriant, trimmed bush, this person, must be on the border, thinking the relation between the far far away and the present. Thinking about supermarkets, jobs, lover's sexy, smooth-skinned legs, the incredibly beautiful explosion. And thus, People begins to measure the landscape of the morality from thousand images between branches and Leaves. this all may actually just be one same thing.Pan concludes.

Text in the kitchen

Pan always eats noodles in rainy days. This person, nearly an Enthusiast of liquid and something it's related. Noodle soup, drinking water, shower water, polluted water, perfume, sweat from from the lover.

( Phone rings )
( Alright. I will arrive at 21. )

Pan sheds three drops of the cheap dimaondalike tears after getting the message. Uh, they are holded by the little bottles in oder to seal Pan's rare, sentimental grief. The under 1 euro bottles drop. muffled sound and crevice, with the possibility of the overflowed shatter.

Tidy up! Set it off