I know that she will be fine
Düsseldorf, 2017
Video, 10min07sec

The story begins with the character, Yang, slowly telling his/her story as she attended the traditional Chen Kunʻs funeral and how it strangely seemed a bit silly to her. Yang assumes that a murder once took place in the basement under Chen Kunʻs house. As he/she recalls over and over again all the details of this incident, more of the surreal fantasies and true memories mix into a vague and complex idea of it.

In the past decade, the issue of „White Terror“ seems to have become more serious in Taiwan, specifically measured by a certain number of victims who were denied rights or whose names were not allowed to be mentioned due to political reasons. The artist is moved here to devote herself to a distanced, at the same time emotive discourse that can be enlightening for those who have not experienced the tragic stories to negotiate this grave past in the present.

The murder is related to an accident that happened to a political activist, Lin Yixiong, during the „White Terror“ period in Taiwan. His mother and two children were killed on the day he was dealing with the military justice system in 1980. This killing has never been solved. Actually, most people think that it was the government that sent the murderer(s).

Link:  https://vimeo.com/343449872