The Foreign Pleasure
Düsseldorf, 2020
Photography 25 x 35cm, mirror, HD-Video-Loop 12:57 Min

The work tries to comprehend the moment of the photography from the view of another medien. The Video deals with the perception and the possibility of frames between frames to been regard as photography. The motiv changes its color slowly to darkness and produces an inviduelle moment for different person ( even ) without their notice to comprehend the every new image ʻʼ at the moment.ʼʼ, even with-out their notice, and between again the possibility to seen as a photography. The whole video also concentrate of the second when taking pictures with its instant of concentration, which choses what to see, framing a cer tain area while neg lecting what hap-pens outside the frameʼʼ

The motive was taken during the trip from the windows of the glass palace in Madrid, where it full of tourist. The short term vacation in a place as tourist often creats an illusion of a place, with its one side, a bit surreal impression of theʼʼtourist environmentʼʼ or culture, basing on the condition of the person. In the palace, a person firstable enjoys the stunning architecture, under itʼs shiny, beautiful glasses and reflection , it shouldnʼt be neglected that the palace is actually of ʻʼbeautiful symbolʼʼ of the colonization of phillipness till 1898. Windows, as itʼs reflected the sun and the environment, distorts also what behinds the layer.