Endless Present
Düsseldorf, 2021-2022
Performance; location and duration variable
Mix Media
Link: https://vimeo.com/694961540

Endless Present is a performative work in collboration with Qijia You from 2021 to 2022.

The performace is setted up to be an endless seance in a cinema situation, whereby the cinema setting is in the frame of a class collective work. The performers are in the room playing different characters and having specific assignments during the performance, including a person to lighten up the scene, a blind person, who is searching for a ghost, a ghost, a person, that is pouring water, a fisherman, a person, that lightens up candles, a person cutting or distributing the fruits. Although the performers were given a clear frame, there was a flexibal space for improvisation, which also invited the visitors to join in the performance and interact. During the performance, two cameramen filmed, which was livestreamed on the frontwall.

The performance deals with the concept of cinema in cinema that the sense of the compressed time and space was activated in the time of endless seance. In the end, the performance was edited into a film.