Deep Séance
Duesseldorf, 2021
Site specific room installation
Wooden panels

In Deep Seance, the artist creates an immersive white spiritual world like a séance based on the sound and sculptural works of Agata Milizia.
Inspired by the structural design of the circular Roman theater and symmetrical architecture, the artist translates the formal language of classical architecture into an abstract, bath house-like space with symmetrical fan-shaped arch columns at the corners of the four walls, approximately 1.7 meters high. She has covered the floor with a white carpet and eliminated the existing edges of the space, transforming all the angles and dividing lines into curves, with a staircase in three directions for the audience to sit on the horizontal surface above the staircase and meditate on the whole space.
Through such a spatial structure, the artist invites the audience to walk directly into the work with a subtle but inescapable volume, and subtly guides their walking trajectory. In this way, she transforms the passive relationship of space, which is often used as a platform for individual objects, so that the physical experience can replace the visual and deal with the boundaries and mental perceptions defined by the lines of the walls, thus constructing another possibility and sympathetic mechanism of contemporary space.