Blue Calls
Kassel, Dokumenta Halle, 2021
Performance; location and duration variable, mix media

Blue Calls is a performance by Naiyun Yang and Samuel Ferstl, that took place at documenta Halle, Kassel from dec 8th to 12th 2021.

In collaboration with a few performers, the artist worked on a choreographed, yet improvised presentation, that was based on the notion of travelling on the sea. Therefore, a written work by Lawrence Weiner was taken and transferred into spoken Text. Using a table with rolls, some performers were pushed through the space, sitting at the table and performing a meeting. Thereby, blue dishes and different eatables were arranged, whilst several emotional gestures were shown. In the meantime, other performers would inhabit the space with free movements, taking Hans Haackes writing for ecological artworks from 1970 as scores for performative actions. As a visitor, you were to encounter small moments of bizarre or lovely actions, varying from artistic expression to the specific social situations.

Taking the sound system of the space as medium to execute the aural materials, documenta Halle was inhabited by the performance in a broadening sense so to say: every moment during the performance could have been part of it or not, sharpening the senses for performativity and therefore marking each move within the space as a performative one. At the same time, the contingency of identity and social encounters was questioned, while hegemonic approaches of reproduction and representation were addressed.